Hello English Department!

Wouldn’t you love for your students to love writing? What if they could see it in real world application while at the same time addressing needed areas of Common Core Standards for English Language Arts?
I am the author of the Young Adult novel, The Earth Painter, and the sequel, The Man Painter. I would love to share my writing and marketing process in this new world of indie authors, where even teenagers still in high school are making a real income writing novels. My novels are Value Based as well as stressing Good Self-Esteem to young women.

I can tailor my presentation to cover the area of concentration you desire from the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts in strands W.9-10.2-.8 and .10 or W11-12.2-.8 and .10. Because I am local, I am affordable—only $100 for a 2 hour speaking session with a time for selling and signing books plus travel if the engagement is not local to me. We can make it as formal or informal as you wish.

I look forward to speaking with your English classes and getting them excited about English Language Arts.



Melissa Turner Lee

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