Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: A Legacy of Lies by Stephenia H. McGee

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Christian Romance...with a little bit of flair! Stephenia McGee writes stories that blend mystery, adventure, love and a little of the unexplained and supernatural. In addition to writing, Stephenia also enjoys painting and working with horses. She has a bachelor's degree from Mississippi State University in animal science and has worked and trained for several equestrian farms. She is the Chairman at Spirit Horse Ministries, and continues to use these skills in the youth programs. She is a lifetime member of the AQHA and a member of the Fort Rosalie chapter of the DAR. Stephenia is married to her best friend and greatest blessing, Jason, and they currently live in Mississippi with their two sons.

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(written and provided by Amber McCallister)

A Legacy of Lies is a beautiful and precious reminder that God has a perfect and good plan for each of us. While the path to the fulfillment of that plan may be neat and clean or it might be messy and painful, but no matter the shape or condition of your journey, He will always be there with you, cheering  you on,  sending His encouragement, and always just a breath away to help us out if we will only ask. A Legacy of Lies is such a wonderful manifestation of this promise of God to believers and non-believers alike. It brings more of an awareness of the fact that God moves in mysterious but magnificent ways toward the perfection and completion of our life’s journey.

You will find that when you surrender your life to Him and allow Him to guide you, He will fulfill your wildest dreams and then go far beyond even those. We see a testament to just that in the journey that Sarah and Jim shared. Sarah allowed herself to be surrendered completely to God’s will because she had reached the end of her ability to further guide her life into what she had planned for herself. Once she gave up control of her life, God then stepped in and guided her decisions to bring her to the place she needed to be. We then find Jim drawn to Sarah throughout a chain of interesting events. Jim finds in Sarah the friendship, love, and hope that he has always needed and wanted.

While circumstances may not work out the way we think they should, they always work out the way they were meant to when God is in the center of them. We only need to rely on Him and allow Him to move on our behalf. A Legacy of Lies is a token to us of God’s ever enduring and magnificently unfathomable love to us. A Legacy of Lies meticulously displays His desire is to see us live a life of promise, hope, and fulfillment. We, in turn, need to surrender our hearts and our lives to Him in order to see our life transformed into what it was always mean to be.

Stephenia H. McGee portrays this yearning for us from God in such a palatable and melodic way that a part of your heart will want to stay behind with Sarah and Jim longing to walk hand in hand with God each day. She painstakingly created a living and breathing masterpiece that will touch your heart and change your mind about how God uses circumstances to bring people together in order to fulfill His plan for their lives. I have loved every part of A Legacy of Lies, and I am anxious to see what Stephenia writes next.

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